The Power of A Story

In today’s time, social media is more prevalent than ever before. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter can only show what a person wants you to see; it’s hard to depict what the person is like. Many do not like to post about their failures or bad times, but rather post about their successes or their good times. It’s very rare to hear about the bad times that people have. I have found that people tend to find inspiration in other people’s full stories. Not just the good times, but the bad times too. People tend to gravitate towards others that they can relate to. Maybe their story won’t connect with everyone, but it can inspire someone. 

Stories are a way of trying to empower, encourage, and inspire others. This method could be a way to pull nonbelievers into the church. For others to know that God delivered you from depression, anxiety, a bad relationship, or He helped you through adversity has to be the most powerful persuader of all. Your story is a powerful persuader.

 I mean think about it! 

Your story could show how God made a way in your life when you thought there was no way.

The Bible is an incredible book of stories like “Noah and the Ark”, “David and Goliath”,” The Three Wise Men”, and “The Story of Moses”. Even with those amazing stories there are so many more. A book of stories that show how incredible God’s glory is. Why not tell your story? Why not share your failures? Why not discuss your fears? As boring as you think your story may be, what you go through is an opportunity for you to show to others how merciful, how gracious, and how loving is the God we serve. Your story could show how God made a way in your life when you thought there was no way. As Christians we want to spread the gospel because that is our mission as His followers, but we must get people to listen. Because let’s be honest, even as a college student, I have been through some type of situation that I have had to lean on Jesus for help. No story is better than another. Every story matters no matter how big or small it is. 

We as Christians must not be afraid to tell our story – to share our testimony. Though we may have sinned and fallen short in the past, His grace and mercy kept us to show others how amazing He is.

Psalm 40:3 states, “He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord.” 

Since I am steady telling you to tell your story, I must share mine.

So here it goes:

In high school, I was diagnosed with severe depression. I was always anxious and irritable.  I also suffered from low self-esteem. I didn’t know how to control my anxiety attacks, and one little thing could trigger them. My doctor suggested that I get on antidepressants, but I refused. I felt that I had to find a way out because in my heart I knew that I could beat this; I just didn’t know how to. 

Growing up, my parents made me go to church. I was always in church, but I did not have a personal relationship with God. It was just a thing I did because I was forced to go. My outburst and anxiety had gotten so bad that I literally was on the edge of ending it all. But then I realized that I couldn’t fight this on my own. I had been battling these demons all by myself, and I wasn’t leaning on the one thing that has held me up to this point in my life – God. 

I began to develop a relationship with God that was more personal and intimate. I found peace and serenity. It was as if my anxiety lessened as time went by, and I began to realize my worth and that I had purpose. Specifically, the story of David was an empowering story that taught me that I was enough even though others may not have seen it yet. 

His plan for me is not defined by how I rank on other scales, but it is defined by who He says I am.

In the story of David, prophet Samuel was sent to Bethlehem to find a new king to take the place of King Saul. God told Samuel to visit Jesse because the next king would be found among his sons.  Once Samuel saw most of Jesse’s sons, he found that none of them fit the position of becoming the next king. So, he asked Jesse if he had anymore sons. Jesse did but he didn’t think that David was king material. However, David was just right. David was just what Samuel was looking for. This story helped me because it made me realize that another person cannot validate who I am. Though another may not see my greatness and value, I know that God sees who I am. His plan for me is not defined by how I rank on other scales, but it is defined by who He says I am. David was just tending to the sheep when Samuel found him. He was just being himself. I found peace in knowing that I did not have to be like anyone else or imitate others. By just working on being me, His purpose for my life would find me. 


I believe that my story matters. My story may not help everyone, but it helps someone. It shows how amazing our God is and the things He can deliver us from – the peace He can give us. Everyone has a story that need to be shared to help non-believers to see how God works through us. When trying to get non-believers to believe in God’s glory, it sometimes does not require us Christians to recite Bible verses, sometimes it only takes a story. 

Your story. 

McKenzie Smith is a senior from Pelham, Ga, and is a psychology major with a double minor in business and applied behavioral analysis. She also plays basketball for Berry College. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and hanging out with friends. 

3 thoughts on “The Power of A Story

  1. Your story is so amazing and inspiring. Thank You McKenzie for sharing Your story with us and may it help and save someone even if that some is me.


  2. To God be the glory what an awesome story beautiful lady, I truly enjoyed reading it you have help me a lot thanks for being obedience.


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